Gluttons in Vietnam/Cambodia

Because we didn’t want to miss out on anything, I meticulously researched the staple meals of both countries before travelling. Both Vietnam and Cambodia is high on meat and leafy vegetables. Beef, pork, chicken and even fish figures in almost all food items.  As much as we were excited, we were skeptical too. The last…

Expense list for Cambodia

Okay addressing the next big question, how much money should we carry?? We referred numerous blogs for the average daily expenses in Cambodia before our journey which gave us a rough idea as to how much we need to carry with us. And surprisingly it proved to be somewhat accurate. Now that we are back,…

6 days packing list – Cambodia/Vietnam

“Packing is so much fun – Said no one ever!” Infact it is the most exasperating part of trip planning. Beardo seemed carefree till the last week, while I kept pulling out clothes from my wardrobe every alternate day. I would google for traveler recommendations for South East Asia(SEA) while commuting to and fro to my…

Cambodia – Vietnam

At the end of one I-am-fried-from-googling week, I emerge triumphantly, with two countries, Cambodia and Vietnam.


So what can you guys expect here? Our travels, itineraries, food, movie review, how we(I) plan vacations while having a permanent job?, how to find cheap accommodation? how we save up money for the travels, best restaurants and food we tried, offbeat tracks and tales.