Cambodia – Vietnam

Sorry for killing the suspense right at the title! But I’m a wee bit short on time. 🙂 We are about to embark on our very first international trip (Yippee). When? In three days!

Honestly, I have become (Monica)². Meticulously planning for almost 3 months now. A little note on how we(I) chose Cambodia-Vietnam to be our first destination. So after a lot of failed attempts, I finally got to making a travel fund for two last year, gleaming with excitement when it finally reached 1500$(1L rupees). And the time had come when a destination had to be decided.

Europe was out of the league, I was not quite ready for Sri Lanka either. As my hunt proceeded, south east Asia(SEA) seemed to be a plausible yet exciting option. Now where in SEA became the next question. Thailand has come synonymous with SEA. Sounds too touristy too.

To top it all Mr Beardo passes this offhand comment, “Its a perfect bachelor place“. I pretend to sit nonchalantly.  Moving on, so my quest of finding the perfect country went on for few weeks.

At the end of one I-am-fried-from-googling week, I emerge triumphantly, with two countries, Cambodia and Vietnam.

With the mentioned budget, two people can easily visit these countries for a week and half.

And I announce this to Beardo, who sits nonchalantly now.

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