6 days packing list – Cambodia/Vietnam

“Packing is so much fun – Said no one ever!” Infact it is the most exasperating part of trip planning. Beardo seemed carefree till the last week, while I kept pulling out clothes from my wardrobe every alternate day. I would google for traveler recommendations for South East Asia(SEA) while commuting to and fro to my office. Most of the blogs were for 3 weeks in SEA or 2 months in SEA, and rarely did I find anyone travelling for just a week!(Pst.. pst.. now that I have returned from Cambodia/Vietnam, if you need to spend time and experience the culture by taking it slow, you definitely need more than a week. But you can also do a short trip by taking 3 days per city)

Few things which a lot of travelers suggested and is true from my experience

  • Do not over pack. If you are gonna backpack, you really don’t want to be carrying 10 kilos on your back for most of the time
  • No heavy or tight fitting clothes. SEA countries are known for their sweltering heat and humidity. As my guide said, “Here we have only two climates, hot and hotter 😀

Coming back to the packing list. Finally these were the things I packed.

  • Airport wear: Tip is to wear comfortable clothing in layers because sitting through long journeys and layovers in tight jeans ain’t that great! And dressing in layers will allow you to peel off when the mercury rises. I picked up a pair of comfy elastic leggings, thin sweater top and a shawl.
  • 1 pair of Elephant pants. You need to wear clothes covering your knee and shoulder for the temple visit in Cambodia. So these Aladdin pants would just be your savior. [You can easily pick them up in Cambodia]
  • 1 pair of crop pants which can be converted to shorts. Space saver.
  • 1 wrap around skirt/
  • 1 quick dry pants from Decathlon(This is not necessary, but I love to wear these for my overnight or whole day bus journeys from city to city. And it might be helpful if the sky decides to open up and pouring over our plans)
  • 1 long sleeves tee, 3 half sleeve tee, 1 tank top
  • 1 light shrug
  • 1 dress for those late night dinners or pubs
  • 7 pairs of undergarments. We were on the move every 2 days, so laundry wasn’t an feasible option
  • 1 pair of pyjamas
  • 1 microfiber towel
  • 2 pair of shoes – One all weather ballerinas and a pair of canvas espadrilles for the to long walks. (Please break the shoe before the trip if you are getting a new one. Else the temples will break your feet!)
  • 3 pair of socks
  • Mini toiletries in a transparent sealed kit
  • Medicine kit
  • A gadget box with all wires and chargers.
  • A flimsy rain jacket from Decathlon(I’m glad I took this one, my plans of souvenir shopping on the last day could have got drenched.

Once these were tightly rolled and packed into packing cubes, my 50L Quechua backpack weighed 7.5kg. We had Airasia tickets with only cabin baggage, so I really had to efficiently pack!

And I’m happy to say that had used almost all of the things packed, except the micro fiber towel, because all our stays gave us fresh towels!

Happy Packing!
Weidro and Beardo

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