Expense list for Cambodia

Okay addressing the next big question, how much money should we carry??
We referred numerous blogs for the average daily expenses in Cambodia before our journey which gave us a rough idea as to how much we need to carry with us. And surprisingly it proved to be somewhat accurate.

Now that we are back, this is the snapshot of what we incurred.


First of all, we paid everything in dollars. The atms also dispenses dollars. But the change is always tendered in Riels. And remember to change the Riels back to dollars before you leave the Cambodia because other wise it will simply end up as another souvenir cuz you really cannot change it anywhere else in the world 😀

Room rent for a modest stay( I shall put up the reviews of the hotels and guesthouse soon) was 15$ per day. You can find accommodation from 12$ up till 30-35$ per day. But I was looking for budget stays very close to Night Market and Pub Street, and stumbled on Mandalay Inn one from one blog. Very grateful for that! More over, we were there in Siem Reap only for two days, and I didn’t think we wold get enough time to spend at a fancy hotel which turned out absolutely right.

Our stay at Phnom Penh was a guest house named Alibi Guesthouse.  It was 28$ per night including breakfast. I chose this one because, again we wanted to walk around and see for ourselves at night. Our stay was walking distance from the water promenade as well as the local attractions like the Royal palace.

Next is food, now the budget for that varies from person to person, depends on where you like to splurge 🙂

Day 1 : Siem Reap

Breakfast at transit. Our flights landed only by 11 and we spent another 1.5 hours at the emigration for visa stamping

Lunch. As soon as we got out, our guide took us to a fine dine place for lunch, and it turned out to be 15 dollars for two of us. The price would have been definitely low if we picked up some other restaurant. But we were fine with it, fish amok was delicious.

Dinner. We were taken to Kulen Restaurent as it was part of our package. Its unlimited buffet with a large number of choice of food. 12 dollars per person

Day 2: Siem Reap

Breakfast near Angkor Wat. We had an English breakfast combo, and it came to be roughly 12$ for two.

Lunch was again part of our package, we had a set meal  which consists of starters, a chicken dish, fish dish, stir fried vegetables, rice, fresh fruits. It costs some where around 8 dollars per person

Dinner. We got adventurous, and decided to try out a Bugs cafe(Reviews shall be posted later) 14$ for two.

Day 3 : Travel to Phnom Penh

Breakfast : We picked up a sandwich combo for 4$ from Tous le jour bakery near by.  But also got croissants from the bus operators.

Lunch:  The bus stopped at a road side lunch and we ordered some mouth watering Cambodian food. 10$ for two

Dinner : This was again on the company, and was set at New Delhi heights (We had not yet started missing Indian food 🙂 The price could be on the higher end cuz its definitely not the local food.

Day 4 : Phnom Penh

Breakfast : Hotel inclusive

Lunch : A buffet was arranged by the company in Phnom Penh with a large food spread. It is probably the biggest of the buffets I have ever been.

Dinner: We roamed about in the evening and finally got to one of the hotels at the water front. 15 $ for two of us

Finally, souvenir shopping. I did most of the shopping at Siem Reap which is surely cheaper than the capital city

Angkor wat guide – 8 dollars(I hear you get it for even cheaper prices. We were too tired to haggle)

25 odd dollars for the following

  • 2 Coconut shells bowls with inlay work
  • Couple of sandstone miniatures of the temples
  • 6 Fridge magnets
  • 2 rice paintings of angkor wat, 2 post cards
  • Angkor canvas painting

Putting all this in plain numbers. This could be the rough cost in Cambodia.

Expense Cost per person
Food 6-7$ per meal
Stay 15$ – 30$ for double room
Souvenirs 30$ Bargaining goes a long way in Cambodia 
Tipping 1/2$ for guide and driver
Entrance fee for monuments Angkor wat temples, Royal palace in Phnom Penh, Genocide museum etc
Tuk tuk rides 3/4 $. Remember to bargain your rides

Happy Planning!
Weirdo and Beardo!

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  1. Zac says:

    Very helpful, thanks for being so detailed. Cambodia seems a little more expensive than the likes of Vietnam. Do you think this is correct?


    1. Hey Zac! What I feel is if you stay in Cambodia for a longer period, it works out to be cheap. We were there for just 4 days. So I’m not sure. But I think food in Vietnam is definitely cheaper. We had filling meals like Banh Mi, for 36000 VND which is just over 1 dollar.

      Liked by 1 person

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