First of all, I have to apologize for such a shoddy job of the website. I promise I will this set up soon. Now “soon” maaay run to several weeks or months, hopefully not years!

Alright, so who am I? I’m one those people who gets a travel itch every two weeks. And who eventually gets grumpy and moody when the itch is not sated. But am I a full time traveler? Na, it is not my style of travel. I rather have an anchor somewhere in the world to which I need to come back to often!

So what do I do when I’m not dreaming about my next destination? Well, I’m a programmer(hope it is not a turn off) and I love to code! Period.

I cannot imagine a camera-less lifestyle, but I have not become a pro-photographer either. meh.

Among other things, I’m eternally in love with books, aspires to write a book some day(ahem, I have always hated to put this down in black and white), dreams of losing weight which of course goes in hand with never passes an opportunity to try out new food, seeing different cultures, trying to learn languages and the list goes on.

So that’s about Weirdo.
(Weirdo is known as Alfa in real life)

Since Beardo is not “into” WordPress or blogging. I have taken the liberty to introduce Beardo, who of course has a beard(duh). Now Beardo has been the travelling companion for Weirdo for some time now. Is Beardo a traveler? Does Beardo dream of destinations like Weirdo? Can Beardo take up planning the trip? Short answer is no.

But Beardo, I must say, makes an excellent travelling companion! Beardo LOVES food! Beardo can climb mountains with ease (while Weirdo huffs and puff behind). Beardo is good with money. Once the plan is set, Beardo is all in.

Among other things, Beardo loves XBox, Clash of clan, FiFa(meh), Beardo likes music, tv-series, Beardo likes his yellow tee shirt!

Beardo calls Weirdo Monica!(rolling eyes)
(Beardo is known as Abby in real life)

So what can you guys expect here? Our travels, itineraries, food, movie review, how we(I) plan vacations while having a permanent job?, how to find cheap accommodation? how we save up money for the travels, best restaurants and food we tried, offbeat tracks and tales. We are based out of India, so you can expect a lot of information from our local travels here!